Leaders of the Beta-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Scholarship

Spring and Fall 

 Scholarship Base: $5,000 per semester 


  1. To focus the chapter leaders on achieving an increased level of performance. 
  2. To link the chapter leaders scholarship to the chapters overall performance. 
  3. To reward excellent performance. 
  4. To improve goal congruency between the Chapter and House Corporation. 


  1. The incentive compensation program is based on improving Scholarship, Leadership, Service, respect for the facility, excel in campus competitions, excel in intramural sports, and improve membership/retention. The plan is paid 2 times per year.  
  2. This scholarship program is not a contract. The Alumni House Fund and Beta-Chi educational foundation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, modify, or eliminate this program at any time.
  3. The scholarship program has elements as outlined below: 

Total scholarship $5,000*

Importance Scholarship
Scholarship 30% $1,500
Membership/Retention 30% $1,500
Respect the house 15% $750
Service 10% $500
Leadership 5% $250
Excel in campus competitions 5% $250
Collections 5% $250
Total $5,000
  1. The scholarship money is to be divided up as follows:
GM 20%
GP 13%
GMC 13%
Scholarship 13%
GS 13%
GT 13%
Risk Manager 13%
Total 100%

 *Note: This plan allows the officers to exceed the $5,000 scholarship for exceptional performance.