Annual Campaign Donors

Thank You for Your Ongoing Loyalty

$81,165 Donated Since Spring 2023 

We appreciate everyone who has chosen to support our annual program. Alumni who have contributed to the 2023 appeal are listed by initiation year under the appropriate giving levels. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Beta-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, University of Missouri Science & Technology, P.O. Box 442100, Lawrence, KS 66044. Thank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—your support secures the future of not only the organization, but of our Beta-Chi Brothers to come as well.

Nicole Robles
Daniel S. De Vaney ’49
John M. Sowle ’51
Norman E. Hart ’53
Charles R. Hoffman ’55
James O. Murray ’57
Dave Phelps ’57
Rosario J. Sidoti ’57
William L. Sullivan III ’57
Donald E. Beuerlein ’58
Bill Ricketts ’58
Wayne B. Ruck ’58
William S. Kirchoff Sr. ’60
Dr. Eric J. Norman ’60
Cary D. White ’60
M. Thomas Barber ’61
Richard L. Schmidt ’61
William A. Turner ’61
Robert B. Bridges ’62
James P. Dycus ’62
William J. Trejbal ’63
Timothy M. Handlan ’64
Donald L. Cordes ’66
Ronald F. Crawford ’66
Barry R. Romine ’66
Daniel C. Dugan ’67
Timothy M. Vicente ’67
Richard A. Heppe ’68
David L. Krueger ’68
Dr. Robert L. Ward ’68
William P. Balaz Jr. ’69
Gary Forsee ’69
Lance M. Killoran ’69
Richard J. Lacavich ’69
Don Neely ’69
Rick M. Rule ’69
V. Michael Alverson ’70
Mark A. Kassing ’70
Mike J. Meyer ’71
David R. Breece ’73
T. Mark Drumm ’74
Gary E. Roebke ’74
Kent S. Springer ’74
Mark R. White ’75
Tom Smith ’77
Greg A. Weeks ’77
Robert J. Hoffmann ’78
J. Barry Shelden ’78
M. David Madonna ’79
D. Phillip Corbin ’80
James K. Von Behren ’80
Edward J. Bradley Jr. ’81
John M. Remmers ’81
H. John Vetter II ’81
William L. Kovacich ’82
Thomas J. Sonderman ’82
Steven R. Sieckhaus ’84
W. Alan Hopkins ’86
Fred W. Niemeier ’92
Richard T. Bradley ’94
Lloyd H. Gholson IV ’94
John R. Schroeder ’97
Grant J. Mabie ’02
Edward Landreth ’12
Jackson Pence ’15