Annual Campaign Donors

Generous Alumni, We Thank You

More Than $29,000 Raised So Far in 2019

We wish to thank all those who have supported the annual program. Alumni who have contributed thus far to the 2019 appeals are listed by initiation year under the appropriate giving levels. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Beta-Chi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, University of Missouri Science & Technology, P.O. Box 442100, Lawrence, KS 66044-2100. Thank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—it truly does make a difference!

Benefactors of Beta-Chi
($251 and above)
Walter S. Knecht ’45
Norman E. Hart ’53
William L. Sullivan III ’57
James O. Murray ’57
W. Dave Phelps ’57
Dick Phillips ’58
William S. Kirchoff Sr. ’60
M. Thomas Barber ’61
Theodore M. Fiedler ’62
Timothy J. Houghton ’63
Timothy M. Handlan ’64
Richard A. Heppe ’68
Gary Forsee ’69
R. John Pepper ’69
Lance M. Killoran ’69
Gary L. Abernathy ’71
James C. Griese ’72
David R. Breece ’73
Gary E. Roebke ’74
Mark R. White ’75
Thomas R. Gredell ’76
Robert J. Hoffmann ’78
J. Barry Shelden ’78
Edward J. Bradley Jr. ’81
William L. Kovacich ’82
Richard T. Bradley ’84
Fred W. Niemeier ’92

Supporters of Beta-Chi
William J. James ’57
Donald E. Beuerlein ’58
Bill Ricketts ’58
Wayne B. Ruck ’58
William S. Kirchoff Sr. ’60
Barry R. Romine ’66
DJ Dobbins ’67
David L. Krueger ’68
Jerry W. Kiel ’69
Mike J. Meyer ’71
Stewart A. Scott ’71
S. Craig George ’71
Michael W. Fugate ’73
Paul R. Vetter ’73
Kent S. Springer ’74
T. Mark Drumm ’74
Brian J. Grant ’78
Brian A. Lowry ’96
Andrew P. Allen ’96
Grant J. Mabie ’02
Tyler T. Gach ’08

Friends of Beta-Chi
(Up to $249)
Alan P. Ploesser ’42
Charles R. Hoffman ’55
Eugene L. Rusert ’56
Gene Foshage ’63
Michael A. Perkins ’65
Dr. Robert L. Ward ’68
Michael J. Lally ’80

"I felt like going to school was difficult. Being in the fraternity made it much easier and helped me to enjoy school. I was determined to accomplish the goal and with other brothers in the same courses, we worked together and it made things a lot easier."
‐ Ed Bradley ’81, Beta Chi

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